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Do I need a lawyer to handle my bodily injury claim?


In some cases, you may not need to hire a lawyer to resolve your auto accident injury claim. If your injuries are minor (i.e. soft tissue injury) and heal up in a week or two, you may be able to resolve the claim without a lawyer. If you are going to handle the case on your own, get a copy of the accident report. Get an itemized bill from each of the medical providers you saw (hospital bill, bill from ER doctor, bill from your primary care physician, physical therapist or chiropractor), and put a summary of those bills in a spreadsheet. Also order from the medical providers the medical records for your dates of service. Finally, keep track of your days lost from work. Get your employer to write a letter verifying that you missed X number of days from work because of the wreck. Once you have this information, forward it on to the adjuster with a “demand letter.”

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