Motorcycle Accidents

Published on June 05, 2012   Trevor A. Taylor

Motorcycle Accidents

Austin is home to the largest motorcycle rally in Texas, and one of the largest in the nation (Republic of Texas Biker Rally).  It’s also home to a lot of motorcyclists.  The Law Office of Trevor A. Taylor works to protect the rights of motorcyclists injured by the negligence of others.

Collisions involving motorcyclists can be particularly dangerous.  Serious injuries often result.  Having a board certified personal injury lawyer in your corner can help.

motorcycle accidentsIf a motorist strikes a motorcyclist, he can be held responsible for his negligent conduct.  Sometimes it’s a simple as the driver not keeping a proper lookout for the motorcyclist.  Other times its more serious violations of the law—like drunk driving or texting while driving.  If a driver’s negligence causes injury to a motorcyclist, the driver is required by state law to carry insurance to compensate the motorcyclist.

Most likely, the driver has reported the collision to his insurance company.  The injured motorcyclist will be forced not just to tend to his or her injuries, but also fight off an army of adjusters aiming to do one thing:  deny or minimize your claim.  Having a board certified personal injury trial lawyer can help you fight the insurance company.

You may get a call from the driver’s insurance adjuster asking for a recorded statement of the events.  This may seem innocent enough.  But the insurance adjuster is not there to help you—he’s trying to protect his insured driver.  While asking for a statement from you, he won’t volunteer the statement of his insured driver.  I urge potential client’s to avoid talking to the other driver’s insurance company, at least until you have talked to an attorney.

Proving the cause of the collision in some cases can be complicated.  That’s why it is often important to hire a lawyer to investigate these claims shortly after the collision.  The official accident report may be inaccurate in some critical detail.  Important physical evidence (like skid marks or points of impact on the vehicles) can be lost if not investigated promptly.  The Law Office of Trevor A. Taylor has experience working with accident scenes and, if needed, expert accident reconstructionists to properly document the cause of a collision.

Injuries from accident involving motorcycles can be very serious.  Whether its road rash, broken bones, spinal injuries, a head or brain injury, it’s important that you get prompt follow up treatment.  If you have health insurance, you should have ready access to providers that can treat your condition.  If you don’t have health insurance, follow up care is often more difficult.  The Law Office of Trevor A. Taylor can assist in accessing networks of providers to allow you to get the follow up care you need.   A board certified personal injury trial lawyer can also assist with dealing with the inevitable subrogation (or reimbursement) claims relating to that health care.

If you want a FREE case evaluation of your motorcycle accident case, contact The Law Office of Trevor A. Taylor today!

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