Auto – Pedestrian Accidents

Published on March 28, 2013   Trevor A. Taylor

Auto – Pedestrian Accidents

Were you hit by a car while walking?  Auto-pedestrian accidents can be the most dangerous of all auto collisions.  They can result in very serious injuries for the pedestrian involved—from broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries, or even death.  If you have been struck by a car while walking, it is important to have a board certified personal injury trial lawyers to help you with your claim.

Many people don’t know that auto liability policies, required by Texas law, cover pedestrians struck by motor vehicles.  If you have this sort of claim, you will be fighting some of the biggest insurance companies in the country.  Insurance companies with vast resources and experience, all aimed at denying or minimizing your claim.

A board certified personal injury trial lawyer can help—in both placing responsibility on the negligent driver, and getting you the compensation you deserve.

One all too common type of accident involves pedestrians crossing at crosswalks.  Under Texas law, a vehicle must yield the right of way to pedestrians crossing at a crosswalk.  (Texas Transportation Code §552.003).  This law applies to both marked and unmarked crosswalks.  Tex. Transp. Code § 541.302(2)(B) (defining a crosswalk by the connection of the lateral lines of the sidewalk on either side of the roadway).  A tested and experienced personal injury trial lawyer can help develop these liability facts that are critical to winning your claim.

Pedestrians can be victims of drunk drivers, just like anyone else that enters a roadway.  Cases against drunk drivers are different than most auto accidents.  The drunk driver is likely facing criminal charges for his conduct, so you need an attorney with experience dealing with litigation running of parallel paths—both criminal and civil litigation.  There is also important evidence that needs to be gathered:  the offense report of the investigating officer, a breath test or blood sample showing the level of intoxication, and video showing the results of any field sobriety test.  A board certified personal injury trial lawyer can help in securing this evidence so that you can succeed in your claim.

Serious injuries often result from auto-pedestrian accidents.  Broken bones, fractures, spinal injuries, brain injuries, and other serious injuries are all too frequently seen.  The innocent pedestrian is often saddled with a significant hospital bill, and the resulting hospital lien.  A board certified personal injury trial lawyer, experienced with the law surrounding hospital liens and local providers, can help you with the hospital lien and get you the recovery you deserve.

Getting appropriate follow up care for any injury is critical to a successful claim.  If the client has health insurance, a network of providers may already exist to secure follow up care.  Important issues of reimbursement for the health insurer may arise (an area of law referred to subrogation) when receiving follow up care.  An experienced personal injury trial lawyer can help with those issues.

An increasing number of Texans do not have health insurance, making access to health care more difficult.  If you have been injured but do not have health insurance, The Law Office of Trevor A. Taylor may be able to help.  We have experience dealing with networks of providers and securing health care in cases where there are viable injury claims.

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